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Pa-Ted is ISO 9001:2000 Certified

Torsion Springs

Torsion Springs

Pa-Ted manufactures torsion springs from many different materials for a variety of uses. As a custom wire form manufacturer, Pa-Ted uses Basic Steels, Monels, Beryllium Copper, Music Wire, Brass annealed to spring temper, Phosphorus Bronze, Titanium, Inconel X650 & X750, Stainless Steels, Hard Drawn and Tungsten Wire to create custom designed double torsion springs. By using the latest technology in CNC wire-forming the production process removes the high cost of secondary and hand operations, thus, lowering your cost. Double torsion springs are manufactured for the following industries, Automotive, Electrical, Medical, Landscaping, Pool Covers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Spring manufacturing capabilities:

Wire size ranging from .0015"(.038mm) - .202"(5.10 mm) for compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, double torsion springs and wire forms.

Torsion Springs

At the Pa-Ted Bristol, Connecticut location, spring makers use the most advanced equipment to manufacture torsion springs. In-house engineers and in-house tooling experts can assist in the design of your custom springs.

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