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Pa-Ted is ISO 9001:2000 Certified

Extension Springs

Extension Springs

Pa-Ted manufactures extension springs from many different materials for a variety of uses. Pa-Ted produces miniature springs, as well as large springs for applications ranging from electronics hardware to OEM automotive parts. Secondary operations are offered such as plating, assembly or special packaging. The Pa-Ted commitment to quality ensures an extremely low reject rate and on time delivery of your product.

Spring manufacturing capabilities:

With wire size capability ranging from .0015"(.038mm) - .202"(5.10 mm) for extension springs Pa-Ted can support a huge variety of applications and designs.

As a custom extension spring manufacturer, Pa-Ted Spring uses Basic Steels, Monels, Beryllium Copper, Music Wire, Brass, Phosphorus Bronze, Titanium, Inconel X650 & X750, Stainless Steels, Hard Drawn, Tungsten Wire, Oil Tempered Wire, Chrome Silicon, Chrome Vanadium and Resistance Wire to create extension springs.

Extension Springs

Some additional services include packaging on adhesive paper, special trays, boxes and zip-lock style bags. In-house engineers can assist you in prototyping and engineering your spring solutions. Pa-Tedís Quality Engineers have certified training and can support P.P.A.P. & F.M.E.A. practices.

At the Pa-Ted Bristol, Connecticut location, spring makers use the most advanced spring equipment to manufacture extension springs.

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